Source & Use of Funds for Crypto
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What we believe in
Providing the insights needed for institutions to safely engage with the new financial system.

What we do

Our tools help financial institutions, crypto companies and government agencies have a common understanding of blockchain transactions by detecting, monitoring and investigating risk in digital assets.

Our platform allows users to easily understand source-of-funds for crypto addresses and quantify their transactional risk via our proprietary compliance score. Our collaboration tool facilitates the exchange of information between institutions and regulatory agencies without the need for either party to reveal private details about the wallet owner's identity.

Tools we offer

From know-your-transaction services all the way to enriched wallet data, we provide the information your organization needs to confidently understand blockchain activity. Whether you start by using our Wallet Intelligence API to make binary decisions before transacting in crypto, or choose to use the full power of our Ledger Navigator, we have a product for you.

Who we help

Financial Institutions

We service Banks, money service businesses, wire remitters and even credit card issuers.

Crypto Companies

Our platform is a must have for crypto exchanges, digital wallets, NFT platforms and DeFi providers.

Public Sector

Whether you represent a public agency, a local government or non-profit, we'll be happy to help.

Mitigate risk
Our tools will provide the data you need to engage in educated transactions.
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