Our mission is to build the tools that make the next financial system safer

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Take a look at the results we have achieved

Our team is hard at work to help crypto and web3 integrate with traditional finance. With decades of experience in banking and computer science, our employees are passionate aobut what we do.

Named "Emerging Blockchain Analytics & Compliance Innovators of the Year 2022" by Wealth And Finance Magazine, we have continued pushing the boundaries of simplicity in crypto compliance tooling without sacrificing data quality. Our team has collaborated with law enforcement investigations, partnered with top companies in the finance, compliance and technology space and advised several startup teams on how to make their solutions robust and compliant with financial crime screening methodology.

Over 2 billion transactions screened

Since launch, our users have requested the screening of billions of transactions that involve their wallets of interest. Some have revealed surprises that not even major investigation software had uncovered!

More than 90 million bitcoin wallets attributed

Our team has been hard at work to match blockchain assets to their real world owners' identity. Sometimes we know which service they belong to, and sometimes we can dive into much more specificity including individual owner, country, hosting service, controlling parties, social media presence, etc.

2 years in the market

We might be young but we are mighty. We secretly built and refined our tools with help from top industry players and regulators.
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A new era of crypto analysis

Forensic experts and data scientists have used complex algorithms to trace cryptoassets and follow-the-money. The skillset and tools required are overwhelming to non-crypto natives. We are here to change that!

Blockpliance builds tools for existing compliance teams and other non-crypto natives, enabling their institutions to safely interact with crypto-derived assets. Simplicity is at the core of our design. We believe in helping our users pay attention to what matters, abstracting as much noise and distraction from the analytical process. We also know that the gut-feeling inherent to an expert intuition is priceless, so we don't intend to replace that from the process. We'll give you the right data so you can make educated decisions.

“It takes a lot of hard work, to make something simple, to truly understand the underlying challenges and come up with elegant solutions. Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” - Steve Jobs


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The values that drive our company


A dedication to staying at the forefront of technology, developing cutting-edge solutions, and driving innovation in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space. We believe true innovation shouldn't be overwhelming to the end-consumer. It should be inviting and elegant. It should just work, almost like magic.

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This goes beyond internal company teams only. We strive in promoting a collaborative and inclusive work environment where team members, customers and partners can contribute their expertise and ideas.

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We take pride in being there when our customers need us. Our team focuses on meeting customer needs and providing excellent service and support.

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Demonstrating honesty and transparency in all dealings, with a commitment to ethical practices and accountability.

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